Thursday, February 21, 2013

CR & Sequester Force Service Cuts

As the final days get down to the sequestration deadline of March 1 and the (budget) Continuing Resolution (CR) extension until March 27, the service branches are planning for implementations to meet the mandates of the law.  Here's an Army, Air Force and Navy overview as it most directly impacts Washington state, its citizens and its economy.

It is important to remember the broad impacts on the federal budgets, but also the exemptions from the actions.  Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security as all exempt from sequestration.  Also exempted, uniformed military personnel. Of course, the proposed military pay increase has been reduced to 1%.

But civilian defense employees as well as other federal employees are subject to furloughs.  Hiring restrictions have already been applied to civilian temp workers, term workers and hiring to fill vacant positions.

By the same measure, let contracts for construction, goods and services will probably extend to the life of the contract.  The defense industrial sector and acquisitions are still being evaluated as to best alternative options.

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