Friday, August 28, 2015

JBLM Corridor Mobile Traffic Info

For drivers who travel through the Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) corridor, a new traffic flow map showing Interstate 5 and arterial roads is now available to help them make informed route decisions.

In an effort to give military personnel, base employees and area residents a way to gauge traffic flow around JBLM entrance and exit gates along I-5, the Washington State Department of Transportation worked cooperatively with JBLM officials to install a traffic detection system that uses anonymous Bluetooth technology to show real time traffic conditions. The Bluetooth data are displayed on the map alongside the I-5 radar detection system.

“Military personnel can now see at a glance which gates have backups, and choose a less congested gate,” said WSDOT Freeway Operations Manager Tony Leingang. “Our goal is to have JBLM traffic enter the freeway more evenly dispersed along the corridor, which helps I-5 traffic.”

The new traffic flow map, which is also available on the WSDOT mobile app, includes sections of Steilacoom-DuPont Road and Center Drive in DuPont, giving residents a new way to know which ramp is less congested.

In addition to traffic flow maps, WSDOT offers many tools and resources to help drivers such as WSDOT’s travel alerts, construction update webpages, and the WSDOT mobile app, which includes statewide traffic cameras, travel alerts, flow maps and more.

Smart phone users only need to type in the term “WSDOT” in Google Play or the App Store to download the WSDOT application to get this same information on your phone.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Business Survey for the Military Markets

The South Sound Military and Communities Partnership (SSMCP) is conducting a survey to gather business perspectives on military-community ties in the region of Joint Base Lewis-McChord and Camp Murray.

For this study to be representative of the South Sound business community, it is vital that we hear from you. 

Your answers are anonymous and confidential, and no one in any government will see your individual responses. It will take less than 10 minutes to complete.

The survey is being conducted by Elway Research, Inc.  Elway will collect and tally the results, and the SSMCP will publish an aggregated summary analysis in October of 2015.

We hope you will participate! Your input will be essential as we gather information about how the military affects the economy in Pierce and Thurston Counties and work to improve community and business relationships. 

We know you are very busy, so we appreciate you taking the time to help shape efforts in the region. If you have any questions, please contact the South Sound Military & Communities Partnership. 

Please go HERE to complete the survey online, and thank you!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Beast Mode Flies Again

Be careful what you wish for. You asked for it; the Beast will rise again!

Your Air Force Reserve and 446th Airlift Wing give you the Subway Beast Mode Challenge, Aug. 15, 2015 at Dirtfish Rally School in Snoqualmie.

Like last year, the Challenge will be composed of a 3.5-mile mud-ridden obstacle course - with 12 football-themed trials of hills, blockades, water, and sludge, created to trigger one's inner Beast Mode.

Airmen from the 446th have begun assembling teams. However, individuals can register solo or on teams.

Department of Defense ID card holders, to include Reserve, [Air] National Guard, and active-duty service members [from all branches], civilian employees, contractors, retirees, and families, can take advantage of the Reserve's $5 discount on registration by entering the "JBLM" promotion code when they sign up HERE.

The Challenge also rewards its participants with live entertainment, Beast Mode contests throughout the day, photo booths, festival activities, and more.

Air Force Reserve recruiters will also be on hand to address Reserve-targeted questions and concerns.

Event proceeds go to the Fam 1st Family Foundation, created by San Francisco 49ers Joshua Johnson, and the Seahawks' own Marshawn Lynch, to keep underprivileged youth on a positive path.

For additional information, please contact the 446th Airlift Wing Recruiting Office at (253) 982-3501, or go HERE.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ADC Issues Invite to First PNW Conference

You are invited to the first ever Association of Defense CommunitiesPacific Northwest Defense Forum, to be held August 20-21 at the American Lake Conference Center on Joint Base Lewis-McChord. 

The event will feature legislative leaders as well as national, state and local military and civilian experts on a wide range of defense issues, such as effects from the Army downsizing announcement in 2015, expanding missions for installations in the northwest, evolving community-military relations for the future, and more.

ADC’s Regional Events Series is bringing community and industry leaders from across the Northwest for a first-of-its-kind, one-day event to gather intelligence on the latest activities at DoD and on Capitol Hill, and the impact they have across the Northwest region.  This is also your chance to hear from other nearby community leaders facing similar challenges and share what works and what doesn’t.

Click here to register today - thank you and see you there!

More detailed information follows:

Building Resilient Defense Communities

In defense communities across the country, budget cuts, mission changes and defense infrastructure maintenance shortfalls are leaving installations, communities, states and partners looking for new ways to overcome uncertain obstacles.

But the challenges – and solutions – that work in one place may not work for all communities.

•             Local and state government officials
•             Defense policy experts
•             Federal Congressional Leadership
•             Regional planners
•             Air Force, Army and Navy Leadership
•             Military families
•             Local business leaders
•             Education professionals
•             Civic planning commission volunteers
•             Non-profit leaders
•             Anyone concerned about how decisions in Washington DC will impact military installations

Policy leaders and defense experts will discuss the pressing issues facing the Northwest Region, such as:

•             Defense Downsizing, Force Reductions and Mission Realignment
•             Mission Readiness and Defense Infrastructure Budget Shortfalls
•             The Growing Importance of Installation-Community Partnerships
•             Synchronizing Community Economic Development and Infrastructure with Current and Emerging Military Missions
•             Military Compatible Land Use and Encroachment
•             Military Family Quality of Life and Child Education

Leading insiders will explore the crossroads facing the military and their host communities by sharing insight on the current environment and how emerging trends, such as force restructuring, Programmatic Change or BRAC and the defense budget uncertainty may affect how the region’s military installations and defense communities look in the future. 

Registration is only $50, which covers the full educational program, lunch and an evening networking reception. Register today HERE.

Show how much your organization supports defense communities, the military and families. There is a wide range of sponsorship packages available. Download sponsorship materials HERE or contact Matt Borron email or (202) 822-5256.

The Northwest Defense Communities Regional Forum will be held on Joint Base Lewis-McChord at the American Lakes Conference Center. For more information, visit HERE.

In the Northwestern U.S., the economic development and defense support needs can be just as unique as the culture, people and national security missions that call the region home.

Monday, August 10, 2015

OEA Announces Job in WA

This JOB ANNOUNCEMENT for the open OEA Grant position that provides technical support to the over 1900 defense businesses in WA as they look to continue contracting with DOD or diversify into other sectors and markets.

This position is an integral part of the current DOD OEA grant that you all supported last year and will play an important role in advancing this effort in the state over the next year, including supporting the roll out of the defense supply chain mapping data.

This position is based in Seattle and intended to work closely with PTAC, PNDC and NDIA, as well as the sector lead program and our ADO network, in their efforts to support the military and defense sector businesses in WA.This will include efforts in the proposed Trade & Export grant amendment effort.

If you know of anyone who may be interested or are willing to send this out to your networks, it would be greatly appreciated.

The position closes next Thursday, 20 AUGUST.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Will Rockets Red Glare Give Proof

In March, JBLM initiated an Environmental Assessment (EA) to study the level of noise that would be created if a field artillery unit on JBLM test fired up to 27 HIMARS Reduced Range Practice Rockets (RRPR) over a three-day period at JBLM Lewis-Main in winter 2016.

The purpose of the proposed action is to collect JBLM-specific noise data during RRPR test firing at the base to determine the noise levels created by firing RRPR at JBLM.

During the proposed test firing, a HIMARS battery would fire up to nine RRPR a day—one at a time—for three days.

Three RRPR would be fired in the morning, afternoon, and evening each day. These rockets would be fired from the Hayes Hill firing point southeast into JBLM’s Lewis-Main Artillery Impact Area. The firing point is located about a half-mile east of I-5; and north of I-5 exit 114.

This EA is only to gather data and assess the noise that would come from three days of test firing. This EA does not evaluate the environmental impacts of conducting routine, long-term RRPR training at JBLM.

The HIMARS RRPR EA is now available for a 30-day public comment period from July 27 through August 25. The draft EA is available HERE.

To submit comments, send an email or write to:

2012 LIGGETT AVE, BOX 339500 MS 17

Comments must be received by August 25, 2015 to be considered.

HIMARS RRPR Open House, 2-2-2
OPEN HOUSE, THURSDAY, AUG. 13, 6-8 p.m.,

The EA will be the topic of an August 13 open house, 6-8 p.m., at the Eagles Pride Golf Course Conference Center at JBLM.

The open house is an opportunity to learn more about the purpose of the environmental assessment, why it was initiated by the Army here, and how the data will be used. Subject matter experts will be on hand to answer questions, and information displays will be available. The public can provide its feedback during the comment period by e-mail or mail.

JBLM’s Eagles Pride Golf Course is accessed via I-5 Exit 116. For more information contact the JBLM Public Affairs Office at 967-0152 or 0158.


RRPR Characteristics: Reduced range rockets (RRPRs) have a range of about 5-9 miles. These rockets will reach supersonic velocity in about one second and remain supersonic for about 3.7 miles. The rockets will hit their targets in about 5-6 seconds. These rockets will fly at an altitude of 1,300 feet for most of this distance. RRPRs are unarmed blunt-nose, high-drag rockets. They do not carry any explosives. Also, all fuel would be expended within 2-3 seconds after launch, so the rocket will be an empty shell on impact.

Anticipated Noise Level: Noise levels directly under the rockets’ flight path may exceed 140 decibels. Sonic booms are also expected. If JBLM were to move forward with winter 2016 RRPR test firing, noise monitors would be strategically placed around the rockets’ flight path. Noise data from these devices would be used to assess how rocket noise impacts I-5 commuters and residents living on JBLM, Nisqually Valley, Nisqually Indian Reservation, Yelm, Roy and other nearby communities. If noise levels exceed an average of 130 decibels a day (e.g., based on the average noise level of nine rockets) at any monitoring station outside the JBLM boundary then stopping these tests would be considered.

If at its conclusion, the assessment produces a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI), then this document will be made available to the public 30 days before the proposed action is taken.

Pierce County Talks JBLM's Forces Reduction

Pierce County Talks is PCTV's talk/discussion program that explores topical issues with the people on the front lines.

Thousands of JBLM personnel got the news that the Army will not reduce their numbers by 11,000 but some troops and civilians will still have to go.

Host Erich Ebel speaks with Pierce County Councilmember Doug Richardson and South Sound Military and Communities Partnership’s Tiffany Speir about what this means for the future of Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Watch now HERE.