Friday, February 26, 2010

Dueling Instrumentalities Pick Tankers

The recent announcement by the Governors of eight states about their coalition is a seeming politization of the federal defense procurement process - like politics haven't anything to do with this (or any) purchase of military equipment.  More?  Still more!

Looks something like a reaction to an effort by several Southern states governors to establish a multi-state coalition for Northrop/EADS bid.

You could think the Southern governors were reacting to disparaging remarks about the quality of aerospace workers down South as opposed to those in the PNW.  Their effort seems similar to the Aerospace Futures Alliance here.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

MAC Looks at JBLM

Military Affairs Committee
Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 10, 7:30 – 9:00 a.m.
Place: La Quinta Inn, 1425 E. 27th St., Tacoma 98421
Price: $13.00 pre-paid on or before March 5
$15.00 pre-paid after March 5 to March 8
$20.00 walk-ins/at the door
Information: Monique Shields, (253) 627.2175
RSVP: DUE 12 noon, March 8 (Monday)
Register: Online Link

Event Description: "JBLM Lewis-McChord"

The joint base commander, Army Colonel Tommy Brittain, and deputy joint base commander, Air Force Colonel Kenny Weldon, will give us a first-hand look at Joint Base Lewis-McChord at our next meeting. It's been a long hard road getting to the start of joint basing on February 1st. Now the planning is over and the base leadership team has the complex job of integrating the support services of (the former) McChord AFB and Fort Lewis during the next eight months. We'll hear how the joint base will work and what it will look like for us.

Jack Murphy, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton, will address the Joint Base challenge nationwide. He will talk of how BAH contributes to address those challenges and its implementation.

2010 Calendar: as of Jan. 11, 2010

Washington's Innovation Summit 2010 Focus on Defense

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

VOB Award Announced

A new award category honoring “veteran-owned businesses” has been added to the Chamber’s annual Spotlight! On Business Awards. This annual event, held in June, showcases the accomplishments and civic contributions Pierce County businesses make to our community.

Nominations may be submitted to the Chamber year ‘round. For more information, contact Judy Singley at the Chamber, 253.627.2175.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Advocacy for the VOB

The Chamber testified again today about SB 5041, a bill encouraging Washington state contracts with veteran-owned businesses.  The Chamber's Gary Brackett said that over 87,000 vets are in Pierce County and that 1 in 7 vets own their own business, which means over 12,000 vet-owned businesses are here.

The testimony, before the House State Government & Tribal Affairs Committee, was very positively received by its Chair Representative Sam Hunt who predicted easy committee passage on to the House Ways and Means Committee.

Concern was raised over the fiscal note attached to the bill, estimating an expense of $60,000, although today's posting set costs at $35,000.  The original sponsor, Sen. Derek Kilmer said he has been working with state agencies to reduce costs and John Lee, Director of Washington's Department of Veterans Affairs, said he carried a very sharp pencil as they supported the bill too. 

Ahead will be action by the House Ways and Means Committee to determine its inclusion in the state budget.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dicks Chair Depends on Caucus

It looks like all the musings about Cong. Norm Dicks' elevation as the Chair of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee (after the passing of Rep. John Murtha), will depend on the vote of the next House Democratic Caucus. That caucus will not happen this week (no votes scheduled) nor next as Congress will recess during the intervening President's Day break.

The media is full of predictions that Cong. Dicks, is next in line having joined the committee the same day as Cong. Murtha.  Also, some quarters of the nation are concerned what that appointment may mean to the pending decision for a new tanker as the USAF prepares to issue the specs for the KC-X tanker as early as Feb. 23. 

Cong. Dicks has an illustrious history with the Defense industry and as a proponent for local advocacy on its behalf.  He initiated, along with the Chamber, the annual Washington-to-Washington, D.C. trip, now in its 25th year.  His early leadership and advocacy for the C-17 resulted in McChord AFB (now JBLM McChord Field) receiving the first C-17 in active deployment.  Now, McChord Field hosts 48 "Moose" and is scheduled to accommodate 51 of these most accomplished airlifters.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Real American Tankers

The Real American Tankers website recently launched to keep our community updated and informed about the Tanker competition. Please feel free to sign up as a member to get on-going updates regarding key dates and issues surrounding the Tanker competition process.