Friday, September 10, 2010

JBLM Preferred Site for 5,700 More Soldiers

The Army has announced its preference to add 5,700 soldiers and 8,260 family members to Fort Lewis.

The Department of the Army announces the availability of an FEIS for Fort Lewis and YTC that analyzes the environmental impacts of implementing the decisions in the 2007 Army Growth and Force Structure Realignment Programmatic EIS (also referred to as the Grow The Army PEIS or GTA PEIS) and other ongoing Army realignment and stationing initiatives, such as the potential for Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) stationing that may potentially effect Fort Lewis and YTC.

The Proposed Action could station up to 5,700 Soldiers and their Families at Fort Lewis. The Proposed Action includes the stationing of 1,900 Soldiers directed under the GTA PEIS, the potential additional stationing of up to 1,000 combat service support (CSS) Soldiers, and the potential stationing of a medium Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) of approximately 2,800 Soldiers for a total of up to 5,700 Soldiers.

After reviewing the alternatives analyzed in the FEIS, the Army has identified Alternative 4 as its preferred alternative, which includes all components of the GTA, CSS, and CAB alternatives (up to a total of 5,700 Soldiers and 8,260 family members).

The Army announces its intent to prepare a Programmatic EIS for the proposed growth, realignment and stationing of new and existing Army aviation assets. The proposed action includes the consolidation and reorganization of existing aviation units, and the establishment of one or more Combat Aviation Brigades (CABs). The proposed action will increase the availability of rotary wing assets to meet current and future national security requirements and will allow the Army better to organize existing aviation assets to promote more effective training and force management. The PEIS will evaluate the environmental impacts associated with the proposed action, which includes the construction and renovation of garrison facilities and additional training needed to support the establishment and realignment of aviation units.

To access the full text of the Federal Register announcements, go online to the Federal Register and search for “Army” and “Fort Lewis” for the FEIS and “Army” and “CAB” for the programmatic EIS. You may need to scroll down a few actions to find the right link.

The FEIS is available on the JBLM Public Works website here.

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Kristy said...

Although I agree that having more soldiers and their families here in Pierce County can be a good thing for our economy, I see that the traffic impacts that are already hitting us hard are bound to eventually have the opposite effect. "Who wants to get tangled up in the traffic in Tacoma?" I can hear people saying. "Let's go to Seattle/Puyallup/Olympia instead!" I don't mean to be a downer, but as I sit in that steadily worsening traffic, I wonder if anyone at JBLM or Pierce County is sitting in it with me.