Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tacoma Economic Development Committee Focuses on Military

At the invitation of the Tacoma Council's Economic Development Committee, Tuesday I presented an overview of the military contributions and impact on our community.

Tacoma was most interested, understandably, in how our local military, as an industry and as a major employer, effects them.  They were also interested in the economic opportunities that may be generated from a closer relationship.  With the new community partnership between Tacoma and Madigan Army Medical Center, those opportunities play to strengths of Tacoma.

It was gratifying that Tacoma Councilmembers recognize too, the civic contributions of service members, and their "get 're done" attitude.  The positive experiences that Councilmember David Boe shared, with some of his clients as retired military, and how vets become great entrepreneurs, valued employees and community volunteers, was a testimonial to their civic contribution.

I look for an increasingly active and committed response from Tacoma developing and supporting our area servicemembers and installations.

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