Thursday, February 18, 2010

Advocacy for the VOB

The Chamber testified again today about SB 5041, a bill encouraging Washington state contracts with veteran-owned businesses.  The Chamber's Gary Brackett said that over 87,000 vets are in Pierce County and that 1 in 7 vets own their own business, which means over 12,000 vet-owned businesses are here.

The testimony, before the House State Government & Tribal Affairs Committee, was very positively received by its Chair Representative Sam Hunt who predicted easy committee passage on to the House Ways and Means Committee.

Concern was raised over the fiscal note attached to the bill, estimating an expense of $60,000, although today's posting set costs at $35,000.  The original sponsor, Sen. Derek Kilmer said he has been working with state agencies to reduce costs and John Lee, Director of Washington's Department of Veterans Affairs, said he carried a very sharp pencil as they supported the bill too. 

Ahead will be action by the House Ways and Means Committee to determine its inclusion in the state budget.

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