Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dicks Chair Depends on Caucus

It looks like all the musings about Cong. Norm Dicks' elevation as the Chair of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee (after the passing of Rep. John Murtha), will depend on the vote of the next House Democratic Caucus. That caucus will not happen this week (no votes scheduled) nor next as Congress will recess during the intervening President's Day break.

The media is full of predictions that Cong. Dicks, is next in line having joined the committee the same day as Cong. Murtha.  Also, some quarters of the nation are concerned what that appointment may mean to the pending decision for a new tanker as the USAF prepares to issue the specs for the KC-X tanker as early as Feb. 23. 

Cong. Dicks has an illustrious history with the Defense industry and as a proponent for local advocacy on its behalf.  He initiated, along with the Chamber, the annual Washington-to-Washington, D.C. trip, now in its 25th year.  His early leadership and advocacy for the C-17 resulted in McChord AFB (now JBLM McChord Field) receiving the first C-17 in active deployment.  Now, McChord Field hosts 48 "Moose" and is scheduled to accommodate 51 of these most accomplished airlifters.

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