Monday, August 25, 2014

Army SPEA Comments Deadline 2:00 PM Today


Today is the FINAL day public comments will be accepted about our concerns of the possible reduction of 16,000 military and civilian jobs at JBLM.  See Washington State's impact here.

The easiest way for you to comment is online by filling out a comments form available here.

If you've not seen much about the issue, you can view some news articles on the Chamber's blog page here.

Ways to comment:
1.    Online
2.    Email comments
       Use Subject:  SPEA for Army2020 Force Structure Realignment

Linked is a SPEA comment letter template you may use.  There is also a "talking points" paper to assist you.  You may review on this link to learn more about SPEA.

Please forward this notice to others to encourage everyone in writing public comments.

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