Monday, July 21, 2014

Public Comments Needed on JBLM SPEA

The Army recently completed a 2014 Supplemental Programmatic Environment Assessment (SPEA), which poses that Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) could lose up to 16,000 military and civilian jobs.

UPDATE (8-18-2014): You can easily submit online a Public Comment regarding the U.S. Army's proposed reductions at JBLM, click here.

UPDATE (7-28-2014):  See The News Tribune story this date about CASA Maj. Gen. James Collins, USA, retired, and his comments on the Army SPEA. 

The News Tribune first published this story on June 26 here. 

You'll recall that the South Sound recently lost the 4-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team.  This reduction was the result of the initial 2013 Programmatic Environment Assessment (PEA).

The Army is now accepting public comments so everyone can express their concerns about the potential loss of 16,000 military and civilian jobs.  Why is this important?  During the initial 2013 PEA, the Fort Polk community started a letter writing campaign and submitted 4,300 public comments, resulting in a loss of 250 personnel.   In 2013, our region sent in one letter co-signed by local governments and agencies, and we lost an entire brigade. 

We need your help in writing a public comment.  You can do this via email or posted mail.  THE DEADLINE IS AUGUST 25, 2014. 

Attached is a SPEA comment letter template (Word document) you can use.  There is also a “talking points” paper to assist you.  You may review on this link to learn more about SPEA.

While writing your email/letter, you should include specific impacts on your business/community should we lose 16,000 soldiers and civilian jobs.  A good gauge would be when JBLM had 19,000 soldiers deployed last year.  How much revenue did you lose or employees did you layoff compared to a more robust year when the troops were home?

Please make sure you send copies of your email or letters to ALL the representatives listed with their contact info after the letter template, depending upon the Congressional District you reside in or have your business in.

Please also forward this to others to encourage everyone into writing public comments.

(Click on Image to see a larger size and the complete letter from Cong. Denny Heck.)

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