Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Connector Road Joins Halves of JBLM

Construction has begun on a new road and overpass project that will cross over Perimeter Road, which bisects JBLM Lewis Main and McChord Field, to link both sides of the joint base. Service members who work on either side of JBLM will more easily travel back-and-forth without needing to exit or enter security gates.

Phase I of the project, clearing trees from the projected construction path, is nearing completion.

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Phase II, the construction of bridges support pillars began June 23 and will last through August 23. The eight-week phase will involve placing pillars to support the overpass. JBLM will close South Gate Road and the McChord Field Commercial Vehicle Inspection Point (CVIP) while the bridge pillars are built.

Commercial vehicles that normally enter the McChord Field CVIP will use the McChord Field North Gate, which is located at the intersection of South Tacoma Way and 112th Street. The North Gate will be open for commercial vehicle traffic daily from 5:45 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.

A major road construction project on Perimeter Road, the road which bisects JBLM Lewis-Main and McChord Field, begin April 1. The construction will close access to civilian commuter and commercial vehicle traffic that uses Perimeter Road and 150th Street Southwest as a thoroughfare to commute between Spanaway and Interstate 5.

JBLM officials are working to maintain the same level of service for drivers entering and exiting the base.

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