Thursday, January 24, 2013

WA Examines Retaining & Expanding Missions

Last August, Gov. Chris Gregoire and members of the Congressional delegation called together representatives from across the state to discuss five issues:

(1) Involvement and support from local elected officials in military-supporting organization’s activities;
(2) Preparation of a short presentation of these organization’s current activities;
(3) Commissioning an analysis and report of Washington’s strengths and challenges for military mission retention and expansion;
(4) Funding the report; and a
(5) Schedule for future meetings. 

In addition to input on these issues, the group wanted to hear thoughts and recommendations for making a Washington Military Alliance a success.  The goal was to identify and resolve any issues and achieve a common understanding.

As a result, the group established an aggressive timeline for a study to assess the strengths and opportunities Washington State has to offer the DoD as it implements its strategic plans and to provide a comprehensive report, including recommendations as to how the State can assist in promoting military mission retention and expansion.

That report, available here, will be an important tool in demonstrating to the DoD and military policy makers that maintaining and expanding military missions, as well as growing military contracting in Washington State, promotes national security and is a wise fiscal investment.

Based on the recommendations of the study, the Governor’s proposed budget included funding for a Director of Military Affairs, competitive matching grant funds to assist local communities address particular needs to support their base and matching funds to modernize and replace schools on JBLM.

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