Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Milcon Report for JBLM

Victor Ramos, MCA Program Manager, Seattle District, USACE, gave his updated milcon report, focusing on JBLM.

The acquisition strategy will use local competitive contracts where possible with small business considerations evaluated on all acquisitions.  The MATOC (Regional Multiple Award Task Order Contracts) will be used on just a few FY13 projects.  It is noted that local MATOCs will be used where it make sense, but are limited to $10 million per Task Order.

Highlights of the report include:
  • There are 16 contracts valued at $252 million in design
  • There are 11 contracts valued at $138 million in pre-award (corrected)
  • Current construction is for $156 million in FY12
  • Five facilities will be turned over to JBLM ($55 million) in Oct/Nov 12
Those desiring more information may contact Veronica (Ronni) Kammler, Small Business Officer at 206-316-3990 or Victor Ramos, Army Program Manager at 2096-764-4478.

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