Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Proposed Rules Against MARAD Ships

Washington State, through its Shoreline Management Act, requires all jurisdictions to develop a plan for managing shorelines. Shorelines are the area from the water's edge for 200 feet inland.

Tacoma is in the final stages of its Shoreline Master Program Update. The Tacoma Planning Commission has recommended the Tacoma City Council adopt a land use zoning regulation that would negatively impact the MARAD vessel moorage at Sperry Ocean Dock.

These vessels are actively used for training and support of the JBLM mission, as well as a number of operational and training uses for military, security, law enforcement and firefighters. Much myth-information about these ships is used by opponents of their continued operations here.

The most critical issue is the recommendation to move the boundary between the zoning area Shoreline-6 District (for pedestrian and recreational use) to include lands currently in the zoning area Shoreline-7 District (for industrial and terminals use). That move will cause the Sperry Ocean Dock property, leased for MARAD ships, to become a non-conforming use, subject to harmful constraints on future financing, leasing and permitting.

You are urged to oppose this action and keep Sperry in the Shoreline-7 District. You may comment at a final public hearing on:

September 27, 5:30 p.m.
Tacoma Council Chambers
747 Market Street, Tacoma 98402

. . . or write or email your concerns to:

Mayor Marilyn Strickland and Councilmembers
City of Tacoma
747 Market Street, Suite 1200, Tacoma, WA 98402

The final vote for adoption is scheduled for November 22.  Don't delay as your support in needed now.

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