Friday, May 14, 2010

And You Wonder How to Do It

With the DoD beginning the mandated 11th QDR Compensation Review, you may wonder how they do it. Not as easy as it seems.

In testimony April 28, before the Subcommittee on Personnel for the Senate’s Committee on Armed Services, Brenda Farrell, Dir., Defense Capabilities and Management, said: “The DoD’s compensation package…is a myriad of pays and benefits.  . . . Comparisons between (civilian and military) compensation involve both challenges and limitations.  . . . Also, nonmonetary considerations complicate such comparisons.”  Want to read more: see GAO’s publication GAO-10-666T.

And, if you are really into statistical studies and want to fully understand what will be involved in this upcoming compensation study, go to GAO’s publication GAO-10-561R.

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