Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tanker Turmoil

Yesterday, EADS/Airbus, the French-based aerospace company, declared they would enter the competition. We now have a clear contest between Boeing and EADS/Airbus as to who supplies America's next Tanker.

EADS North American Chairman Ralph Crosby also told reporters that "it doesn't matter what your readers think" about this competition. We believe what you think matters a lot. You have an opportunity to send a message to Congress that it DOES matter what you and your family and friends think.

In the last several days, nearly 8,000 people signed up on TheRealAmericanTankers. You can make a difference today by forwarding this blog and encouraging them to sign the online petition in support of a Boeing designed and built Tanker.

Can you help get to 20,000 supporters by the end of this week?

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