Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ADC Issues Invite to First PNW Conference

You are invited to the first ever Association of Defense CommunitiesPacific Northwest Defense Forum, to be held August 20-21 at the American Lake Conference Center on Joint Base Lewis-McChord. 

The event will feature legislative leaders as well as national, state and local military and civilian experts on a wide range of defense issues, such as effects from the Army downsizing announcement in 2015, expanding missions for installations in the northwest, evolving community-military relations for the future, and more.

ADC’s Regional Events Series is bringing community and industry leaders from across the Northwest for a first-of-its-kind, one-day event to gather intelligence on the latest activities at DoD and on Capitol Hill, and the impact they have across the Northwest region.  This is also your chance to hear from other nearby community leaders facing similar challenges and share what works and what doesn’t.

Click here to register today - thank you and see you there!

More detailed information follows:

Building Resilient Defense Communities

In defense communities across the country, budget cuts, mission changes and defense infrastructure maintenance shortfalls are leaving installations, communities, states and partners looking for new ways to overcome uncertain obstacles.

But the challenges – and solutions – that work in one place may not work for all communities.

•             Local and state government officials
•             Defense policy experts
•             Federal Congressional Leadership
•             Regional planners
•             Air Force, Army and Navy Leadership
•             Military families
•             Local business leaders
•             Education professionals
•             Civic planning commission volunteers
•             Non-profit leaders
•             Anyone concerned about how decisions in Washington DC will impact military installations

Policy leaders and defense experts will discuss the pressing issues facing the Northwest Region, such as:

•             Defense Downsizing, Force Reductions and Mission Realignment
•             Mission Readiness and Defense Infrastructure Budget Shortfalls
•             The Growing Importance of Installation-Community Partnerships
•             Synchronizing Community Economic Development and Infrastructure with Current and Emerging Military Missions
•             Military Compatible Land Use and Encroachment
•             Military Family Quality of Life and Child Education

Leading insiders will explore the crossroads facing the military and their host communities by sharing insight on the current environment and how emerging trends, such as force restructuring, Programmatic Change or BRAC and the defense budget uncertainty may affect how the region’s military installations and defense communities look in the future. 

Registration is only $50, which covers the full educational program, lunch and an evening networking reception. Register today HERE.

Show how much your organization supports defense communities, the military and families. There is a wide range of sponsorship packages available. Download sponsorship materials HERE or contact Matt Borron email or (202) 822-5256.

The Northwest Defense Communities Regional Forum will be held on Joint Base Lewis-McChord at the American Lakes Conference Center. For more information, visit HERE.

In the Northwestern U.S., the economic development and defense support needs can be just as unique as the culture, people and national security missions that call the region home.

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