Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June is "Veteran Advantage Month"

The Chamber salutes the Pierce County Council and Executive for the proclamation that June 2014 is "Veteran Advantage Month" in Pierce County.

This action supports the many local organizations, partnerships, and activities that work tirelessly to accentuate the extraordinary asset and resource that our Veterans and separating service members represent to our communities, businesses, and economy.

From the proclamation: “The Pierce county business community must seek all advantages to increase its competitiveness in the current environment of global competition....... Veterans represent a workforce advantage for Pierce County businesses as Veterans have an abundance of marketable skills that are transferable from the military to all sectors of the economy, are highly productive and motivated men and women who have a strong work ethic and strong character, know the value of hard work, and can fill critical civilian jobs ...”

“...It is in the best interests of the citizens of Pierce County and the Pierce County business community to support the successful transition of Veterans and their families from military to a fulfilling and rewarding post-military career...The Council and Executive hereby proclaim the month of June 2014, to be ‘Veteran Advantage Month’ in Pierce County, Washington and encourage all businesses in Pierce County to hire Veterans as a way to increase economic growth and prosperity, to support our Nation's security, and to honor the many sacrifices made by our Veterans and their Families".

Our country is founded on the promise of opportunity, community, and rewarding work which supports healthy families and thriving neighborhoods. The Pierce County Council and Executive have led the way to honoring and utilizing the training and talents of these women and men who, by their service and actions, are a credit to our way of life. The Chamber applauds their leadership and joins them in this on-going work.

Guest Author: Greg Mowat, Specialist, Veteran & Business Service

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