Thursday, June 5, 2014


The annual Educators and Practitioners Summit "Discovering Communities of Practice and Career Pathways in HSEM" is taking place on June 17, 2014, at the McGavick Conference Center in Lakewood, WA.

The Summit focuses on discovering and defining the broad educational career pathways available to people in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors of safety and security, Cyber Security, risk and all hazards emergency management.

These "communities of practice" will come together to share their knowledge and expertise and provide participants an opportunity to network with educators from around the country, emergency management practitioners, program administrators, public organizations, business, and industry professionals and students from across the state and region.

The Summit is free thanks to Supporters and Sponsors.

2014 Summit Registration link here.

Reasons to attend:
•    Learn about the rapidly growing and expanding field of All-Hazard Emergency Management and Homeland Security.
•    Gain an understanding about the diversity and variety of educational pathways that can assist you with career direction, educational advancement, course work collaboration and program development.
•    Hear from business and industry about the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) they are looking for to help their companies and organizations be prepared and disaster resilient.
•    Learn about new educational pathways for HSEM careers, trends and innovations in eLearning and designing and delivering quality online curriculum.
•    Participate in an interactive Cyber Security exercise and discussion, and learn about tools and resources to help managers integrate and use new technologies.
•    Understand what the difference is between disaster recovery and business planning and why Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and business continuity are so important to any organization and business and need to be part of our HSEM curriculum.
•    Network and connect with leading educators, practitioners and innovators who are actively applying the new technologies and techniques and integrating all-hazard emergency management KSAs into their businesses and curriculum.

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