Tuesday, December 10, 2013

WA Adds Military Sector Lead to Commerce Dept

Department of Commerce Director Brian Bonlender recently named Kristiné Reeves as the Military and Defense sector lead team in the Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness.

“Our sector-based economic development strategy is a reflection of the fact that we face intense international and interstate competition for good jobs. We have to be constantly vigilant about identifying opportunities and strategies for cultivating employers in Washington,” said Bonlender.  “We can’t rely on luck for the next Boeing, Microsoft or Amazon to develop here.”

Reeves will serve as Military and Defense sector lead. She spent the last five years working on veterans and military issues as statewide constituency coordinator for U.S. Sen. Patty Murray.  Her work included building strong relationships with Army and Navy leadership as well as military transition and workforce development issues around the state.

Reeves joins Maura Little, (Life Sciences and Global Health), Will Saunders, (Information and Communication Technology),  Alex Pietsch (Aerospace) and Steve Sewell (Maritime) to represent the State of Washington in their respective industry sectors.  They are tasked with identifying and pursuing new economic development strategies that keep Washington State in the forefront of these key industries, and advance the Governor’s goal of targeted company recruitment, retention and expansion.

The Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness supports the Governor’s Working Washington Jobs Agenda, which recognizes that these sectors are critical to our future prosperity --  if these industries are doing well, our economy will be doing well.

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