Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Continuing Resolution Alleviates Defense Budget

The signing of the Continuing Resolution (CR) for the 2013 budget H.R. 933, has occurred without a great deal of fanfare.

However, it seems to have solved the Army's problems with Overseas Contingency Operations, and pinching too tightly on FY2013 budget options.  The CR is viewed very positively.  A reported $10 billion is allocated for operations and maintenance for installations, but flexibility within H.R. 933 will allow defense leadership to make cuts.

But it doesn't solve sequestration. With House passage earlier, Pentagon officials have delayed furlough notices for defense civilian employees.  They're not off the hook yet, but now some deliberative time is available. 

FY2014 is another story.  The budget cuts may have to come from domestics, but the DoD budget will still need to meet a reduction of $50 billion.

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