Tuesday, December 18, 2012

WA State Steps Up Competitive Position

Today Governor Chris Gregoire announced her final proposed budget. 
She met with a group of local defense advocates from across the state in August, and stated the need for an aggressive time frame to conduct a report about how Washington State fits into the Department of Defense Strategic Plans, so she could make investments in her budget. 
You will find the final report, Retaining and Expanding Military Missions, Increasing Defense Spending and Investments (http://ofm.wa.gov/reports/mil_report.pdf).  Also here is a link to a summary brief of the Governor’s proposed investments based on the recommendations of this report (www.governor.wa.gov/priorities/economy/BRAC.pdf). 
The Governor proposes:

-          Hiring a Director of  Military Affairs; 

-          Creating military community support grants ($500,000);

-          Improving quality of life by improving schools at JBLM ($11.9M);

-          Continuing transportation infrastructure improvements.

 These investments are an important step in continuing the momentum begun this summer.  Thanks to Denny Miller and Associates and Hayek & Fix, Inc. for their great work on the analysis and report and thank you to all the members of the Washington Military Alliance who are supporting this project and make it possible.

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