Friday, June 1, 2012

Soldiers' Military Credentialing and Licensing

Today, the Department of Defense joined the State of Washington's initiative to recognize soldiers', airmens' and sailors' for civilian industry-recognized certifications.  The Chamber was an early advocate, along with businesses and other local and state veterans' organizations as advocates for this issue.

Said Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta Regarding Military Credentialing and Licensing:  "I applaud President Obama's initiative to help thousands of service members obtain industry-recognized certifications for the trade skills they have learned and worked hard to master while in uniform.

"Supported by the efforts of the Defense Department's Military Credentialing and Licensing Task Force, these certifications will give our returning troops a leg up in a competitive job market, and they will make it easier for veterans to transition to civilian life.

"Going forward, the President and I will remain committed to addressing the full range of challenges our troops and their families face as they leave the service, and to making sure that these men and women have the support they so richly deserve.  They are a national asset, and they stand ready to continue making our country great in their civilian careers."

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