Friday, June 22, 2012

Noteworthies with a Local Link

The Air Force Magazine Online reports President Obama has nominated Lt. Gen. Paul Selva for promotion to the rank of general for an assignment that the Pentagon has yet to disclose, according to the Senate's webpage of non-civilian nominations. However, there's been no official public announcement of it yet from the Defense Department.

(Then Col.) Selva served as 62nd Airlift Wing Commander at then McChord AFB in 2001-02.  Selva is a 1980 Air Force Academy graduate. He has been vice commander of Pacific Air Forces since October 2011. A command pilot, Selva has more than 3,100 hours in large transports like the C-5 and C-17, and tankers like the KC-10 and KC-135. The Senate's webpage lists Selva's nomination with a date of June 7.

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