Monday, May 9, 2011

Net Zero Focus of Military Forum


Event Speaker: Col. Tommy Brittain, Garrison Commander

The Army announced JBLM as one of its pilot net zero installations. As part of the Army's overall effort to conserve precious resources, net zero installations will consume only as much energy or water as they produce and eliminate solid waste to landfills.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord was selected as a pilot net zero water installation which will limit the consumption of freshwater resources and returns water back to the same watershed so as not to deplete the groundwater and surface water resources of that region in quantity and quality over the course of a year.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord was also selected as a net zero waste installation for reducing, reusing and recovering waste streams, converting them to resource values with zero landfill over the course of a year.

The announcement initiates the programmatic environmental analysis and planning process for the Army's Net Zero Installation Strategy. Specifics for projects and initiatives will be determined through a programmatic environmental analysis which will include public engagement and stakeholder outreach.

By: Gary Hanson, Regional Coordinator, Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition

The Connectory is an industry database focused on the manufacturing capacity in the Pacific Northwest. There are over 3,000 firms in the database and it is open to the public. The database includes detailed information on the firms, their capacity, etc. Using the Connectory, firms can locate potential subcontractors with specific capacities. The PNDC was responsible for building and managing the Connectory under a grant from the Defense Logistics Agency.

Date & Time: WEDNESDAY, May 11, 7:30 – 9:00 a.m.
Place: La Quinta Inn, La Quinta Inn, 1425 E. 27th St., Tacoma 98421
Price: $15.00 pre-paid after May 9; $20.00 walk-ins/at the door
Information: Gary Brackett,  (253) 627.2175, ext. 120
RSVP: DUE 12 noon, March 6 (Friday)

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