Monday, November 1, 2010

NDTA Rolls On (and Off)

The Puget Sound Chapter, NDTA, coordinated a training event allowing members and guests an opportunity to see roll-on/roll-off ships in person and hear from her crew what they do to support the surge of military support when needed. When not in use the ships are part of the Ready Reserve Fleet managed by the Maritime Administration.

Below is a picture taken at the stern ramp of the CAPE ISLAND currently berthed with her sister ship the CAPE INTREPID at the Sperry Ocean Dock, off Ruston Way.

Pictured from right COL Jim Sagen (G3, JBLM), Stephanie O'Donnell (Global Outreach), Damir Sabanovic (DHL), Mary McGarry (Boeing), Lee Noble and Chris Smith (Global Trans), LTC John Redinger (833d), Christina Cyrus (Global Trans), Claudia Roberts (TOTE), Bob Casey (Independent Dispatch), Michael Dayton (TOTE), William Lynn, Gary Coy (Sperry Ocean Dock), MAJ Jim Anderson (833d), Gary Brackett (Tacoma-Pierce Co. Chamber) and SGM Rickey Patterson (833d).

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