Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Veterans Supportive Campuses

Governor Gregoire took a positive step when she lead her administration and the state's higher educational institutions and workforce boards to support veterans on campuses.

The Memorandum of Understanding, Partners for Veteran Supportive Campuses, defines a new partnership on behalf of the Governor, departments in her administration, the Washington National Guard, the state's colleges and universities, the Higher Education Coordinating Board and the State Board for Technical and Community Colleges and the Workforce Training and Education Board.

The partners agree:
  • increase awareness of veteran's programs on and off campuses
  • provide staff with a core set of veteran cultural competencies
  • encourage campuses to implement best practices and policies designed to foster vets
  • encourage vets to use the GI bill
  • help vets succeed in higher ed and training
  • ensure staff and vets have access to Washington Dept. of Veterans Affairs and its local and federal partners

The Chamber has specifically called upon the state to adopt policy and procedures to allow service members separating from duty to receive credit for applicable skill sets and education acquired while in service.

Two points in the MOU are:

  1. continue work with the Legislature, workforce and higher ed communities to...transfer, credit for prior experience...
  2. shortening the time for veterans to receive a credential or degree through: a) expanding credit for prior learning and b) developing articulation and transfer agreements...

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