Thursday, October 8, 2009

Complexes of Divisions of Labor

The basics of our modern economic system, including the unfettered movement of labor to opportunities, is also that division of labor (into specialists), gains us greater efficiencies.

Not so with the division of labor into infinitely disparate pieces as a report earlier this year identified multitudinous state agencies (see list at end) responsible for professional licenses or certificates. This might not be all that important were it not that about 2,400 of our state's citizens have just returned from foreign (Iraq) deployment as Guardsmen serving the goals of our nation. That lengthy time may have presented them with numerous obstacles to overcome when they are mustered out (of active service). The least of them should be in picking up their jobs or professions.

Yes, there is federal legislation giving them and requiring employers to accommodate their return to their jobs. But many occupations now are tied to professional licenses and certificates.

Sen. Derek Kilmer placed a budget proviso in the state's 2008 budget requiring the state's Department of Licensing (DOL) and Department of Health (DOH) - responsible for the bulk of professional licensing programs - to determine processes for relicensing or re-certificating Guardsmen or Reservists who have served on active duty but are now returning to civilian life.

Both departments found some procedures in place for their respective departments to do so. However, in the report the DOH suggested they could do a better job of informing returning vets of their recertification process. The DOL suggested they do a sufficient job based on responses from returning vets.

There are other states our state could look to for providing support or best practices in an automatic extension of professional licenses:
–Approximately 13 states recognized as providing support: AZ, DE, GA, HI, KY, KS, MN, MS, MT, NJ, NY, UT, WI
–Best practice states (statutes) : AZ (32-4301), DE (215) (Formerly Senate Bill No. 206), GA (43-1-31), HI (HB295 HD1), KS (34.48), MN (197.65), MS (33-1-39), MT (37-1-138), WI (321.60)

Please note that WA is not in either of these lists.

In addition to the DOH and DOL, these Washington State agencies issue licenses or certificates for professions or occupational certifications:
  1. Board of Accountancy
  2. Office of the Insurance Commissioner
  3. Department of Social and Health Services
  4. Liquor Control Board
  5. Labor and Industries
  6. Department of Early Learning
  7. Department of Agriculture
  8. Department of Financial Institutions
  9. Department of Ecology
  10. Fish and Wildlife
  11. Washington State Patrol
  12. Secretary of State
  13. and acknowledged but unnamed others

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