Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Crowdfunding Campaign Starts for Veteran & Business Service

The Chamber's Veteran & Business Service promotes to businesses the Veteran Advantage for transitioning and separating service veterans to entrepreneurship, professional careers and apprenticeship opportunities.

The US Department of Labor has reduced funding to our funding sources, the local workforce development councils, so they see a reduction from what they received last year, because the whole state was allocated $3.7 million less in the Workforce Investment Act in 2014-15.

With the reductions in force currently underway at JBLM, nearly 400 service members monthly desiring to have jobs in our community, will have less help doing so. The proposed reduction of up to 16,000 civilian (many vets) and military jobs at JBLM over the next five years will put increasing pressure on the local ability to help these service members.

Our Veteran & Business Service has been honored as a “Chamber of Valor” (three stars, the highest level), by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Our service providers, Greg Mowat and Terrence Hodge, who you will learn more of in the video and at our website (see above URL) are qualified, skilled and passionate about their service.

Our program last year was a huge success. Our funding partners have enthusiastically communicated their satisfaction with our services. But they have already done all they can to support our budget.

We’ve pared back our expenses by 53%. But we cannot sustain our services at that level. For $166/day, we can sustain our service levels having both our staff service providers doing their great job promoting the Veteran Advantage.

Visit our campaign at RepayVets.com to donate and help spread the word!


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Gary B said...

I've chosen to make a contribution to this crowdsourcing initiative by the Veteran & Business Service which is helping service members & vets get jobs in our community. Please join me in making your contribution.