Friday, May 9, 2014

AMC Awards Spokane/Fairchild Abilene Trophy

The Air Mobility Command report the 2013 Abilene Trophy was awarded to Spokane, Washington, this week by AMC. This award is presented annually to the community in AMC that is most supportive of its local Air Force base.

Fairchild Air Force Base has a continuous global mission that employs more than 5,700 personnel and supports 17,000 retirees; and the Inland Northwest community has proven to be the grassroots supporting Fairchild and Air Mobility Command.

"Team Fairchild celebrates the Abilene award for our All-American community. 2013 was arguably one of the more difficult years for the base since 1994 and the patriotic Spokane community was our closest wingman during every challenge," said Col. Brian Newberry, the 92nd Air Refueling Wing commander. "Their Lilac heart beats strong for our Airmen. We salute the Abilene Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs committee, specifically Ms. Kristina Jones and Mr. Gray Bridwell, for hosting an award that recognizes our red, white and blue communities that make us stronger. Congratulations Spokane and the Greater Spokane Incorporated!"

Spokane has neighbored Fairchild and its military units for more than 93 years. Many of the city's accolades last year gave proof that it is still, more than ever, proudly supporting its American Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in the Inland Northwest.

"I truly believe that our community's relationship with the Air Force represents the best in the nation. This award is an incredible honor for our citizens and a testament to their unwavering support of Fairchild and our local military families, whom we honor every year in May with the Lilac Festival and Parade," said Spokane Mayor David Condon. "We pride ourselves on that legacy and will continue to uphold the mission of Fairchild Air Force Base, the individuals who serve here, and their families."

Below are some of the attributes of why the Abilene Trophy was awarded to the city of Spokane:
• The Spokane Liliac Festival Armed Forces Torchlight Parade continues to be the largest U.S. nighttime parade, which attracts more than 150,000 visitors saluting the military.
• Operation Spokane Heroes donated $5,000 in holiday gift cards to military families; in 2013, Treats-for-Troops donations tripled for Soldiers and Airmen overseas.
• Spokane Military Alliance was created to better funnel business support for military.
• The state of Washington employs more than 700 traditional Guardsmen, and a majority in the City of Spokane. Just in 2013, these employers have supported their Airmen who executed 227 deployments with a total of 17,408 days to serve around the world.

"This is truly a community honor and shows how fortunate we are to have Fairchild Air Force Base and its personnel part of our community," said Rich Hadley, President and CEO of Greater Spokane Incorporated.

These milestones will be honored and celebrated with a trophy to the City of Spokane at a later date and will be presented by the Abilene Community.

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