Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fisher House to the Rescue

My name is SSgt Christopher Rangel United States Marine Corps. I am a active duty Marine with over 11 years of service to the nation. I am an infantry platoon sergeant. I am also a Purple Heart recipient from wounds I received in Afghanistan. I'm contacting you for help about possibly becoming a part of charity and fundraiser that I have started over the last 5 weeks:

Since all this buzz has started, it has been a whirlwind and I can't idly standby and not use all of this for some good. I decided that I wanted to raise awareness and support the local Fisher House in Tacoma located on Joint Base Lewis-McChord. I am doing this by helping others understand what they do for our veterans and their families and fundraising for the Fisher House Foundation.

What Fisher House provides is a home that allows a wounded member of our armed forces to live in with their family as they go through their medical treatment. It is a nonprofit and at no cost of the family that lives in the houses. They are sustained through donations like the money I'm working to raise at this time.

In the last 30 days I have raised nearly $6,300 dollars on my own. I have made more emails to random people than I've ever done in my life and with all this "fame" I'm trying to raise $15,000 through donations. I am not looking to break anyone's bank account and I'm not trying to empty peoples wallets. What I am trying to do is raise awareness in our young men and women's lives who need our help. I'm doing this with a positive community outreach and donations. has been founded as a focal point for my efforts to raise money and help our the Fisher House Foundation. With every dollar we raise we are one step closer to my $15,000 dollar goal. Having the support of community means a lot to me in this endeavor.

Our Website Link where anyone can donate and get more information.

Facebook Group Link.!/groups/527670013945123/

Guest Blogger:  SSgt. Christopher Rangel

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