Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PNDC Expands to Puget Sound

The Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition (PNDC) is expanding into the Puget Sound region.

The PNDC, a coalition of companies in the defense and security industries, fosters steady economic growth for the region and sustainable long-term profits for its members. It is a member-based industry association dedicated to improving the defense industry climate across the Pacific Northwest. The PNDC provides educational programs, business-to-business networking, and outreach to government decision makers.

The PNDC is well established in Oregon and southwestern Washington. It is increasing its services in the Puget Sound area, where the opportunity for growth in the region’s defense and security industries is tremendous. To underscore its commitment to the area, the Coalition has created a new position focused on Puget Sound.

To find out more about the PNDC, contact our Puget Sound Regional Coordinator, Gary Hanson (phone: 206-369-8544 ) or visit their website.

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