Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Corps in Operation Iraqi Freedom

I Corps in Operation Iraqi Freedom was the subject of Col. Jim Danna, I Corps Ops Officer to the Chamber's Military Affairs Forum earlier this week.

Danna began his presentation by remarking that we (the audience) didn't want to hear a bunch of soldier's war stories.  Quickly reposted was:  "Yes, we do!"  However, he didn't.

Instead, Danna have the folks in attendance a comprehensive socio-political overview of the current situation in Iraq (from where he has just recently returned), tempered with his experience having completed his fourth tour! 

It would be fair to say, as he did, that Danna is an optimist as to the chances that Iraqi citizens and soldiers have to make their country a democracy.  But, it is also my opinion that he is a realist, recognizing the significant challenges still before these Iraqi patriots. 

The litany of obstances convey the cultural and historical baggage they carry.  But, as often is the case, those closest to the work don't see the incremental improvements.  That may be true for the Iraqis, and it is certainly true for many Americans.

If you wish to join the Chamber's Military Affairs Committee, your membership and participation will be welcome.

Thank you for your service, Col. Danna.

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