Monday, July 20, 2009

40 and Counting

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the first landing and excursion on the Moon.

Our nation's military has untold honors in defense of this nation in both hot and cold wars. It has myriad humanitarian relief efforts to citizens of former enemy countries and those suffering from natural disasters and turmoil. And, it has profound scientific achievements on earth. But it's most spectacular scientific achievement is the whole space program, culminating - so far - with the landings on the moon.

Today marks the 40th anniversary of that first moon landing. And, our homage to the military men who actually went there as well as the many thousands of men and women who did all those creative endeavors that supported and enabled their individual achievements.

Those men, members of our military services, are:

Commander Neil Armstrong, US. Navy, first person to set foot on the moon.
Command Module Pilot Michael Collins, USMA (West Point) grad/U.S. Air Force.
Lunar Module Pilot Edwin E. Aldrin,, Jr., USMA grad/U. S. Air Force, first person to land on the moon and second person to set foot on the moon

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