Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blue Light Special

At the request of your State Captain "BlueLight", "RETIREES" who are available during the weekdays are asked to Volunteer for the Welcome Homes at SeaTac Airport.

Of course, the number one priority is KIA and Veteran Support, but having said that, they do the best to Honor these kids returning from the sand box. Drop your remote, hang up your rake and help put a smile and a tear in Heroes' eyes.

This Team of Volunteers is going to be a "Quick Response Team" that can drop what they are doing and get to Roasters (staging area) within a safe and realistic amount of time. When you Volunteer for the "qr-team" you will be put on a dedicated email for a stand by notice alert, and Welcome Home Notices. They will do the very best to give as much notice time as possible when that information is received.

Email your Wookie to Volunteer!

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