Sunday, April 5, 2009

Amoeba Splits, Abeoma Joins

With the inexorable progress down the road to Joint Basing for various installations - and especially for us here in the PNW, it pays to be attentive to discussions of Joint Basing.

The GAO (Government Accountability Office) has just released a new report on the standards and costs at Joint Bases. If you've not noticed, Joint Base Lewis-McChord (or McLewis as the wags would have it) is in our horizon, and its component parts do make mention in the GAO report.

The bottom line is that DoD is underfunding base sustainability. At McChord, the GAO found 82% of standard service levels met while at Ft. Lewis, 65% of current service levels met the standard. For 2008, the Army budgeted at 89% and the Air Force at 90% of sustainment requirements.

One could only hope that the current levels of funding anticipated from ARRA (Stimulus Bill) will catch up that funding shortfall.

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