Saturday, March 14, 2009

State Almost Joining States Ed Compact

The Washington State Senate voted for the Interstate Compact for Military School Children, SB 5248, by 45-0-2. Joining the House 96-0 vote from last week! Due to slight differences in the House and Senate bills, a reconciliation is necessary. We are almost there in leveling the playing field for our military kids!

History of Bills as of Friday, March 6, 2009 5:14 AM

Representatives Rolfes, Seaquist, Appleton, Green, McCoy, Conway, Darneille, Williams, Campbell, McCune, Simpson, Morrell

Companion Bill: SB 5248


Jan 7 Prefiled for introduction.
Jan 12 First reading, referred to Education. (View Original Bill)
Jan 27 Public hearing in the House Committee on Education at 10:00 AM.
Feb 6 Executive action taken in the House Committee on Education at 8:00 AM.

ED - Executive action taken by committee.
ED - Majority; do pass.

Feb 11 Referred to Education Appropriations.
Feb 25 Public hearing in the House Committee on Education Appropriations at 8:00 AM.
Feb 26 Executive action taken by House Committee on Education Appropriations at 9:00 AM.

APPE - Executive action taken by committee.
APPE - Majority; do pass. Minority; do not pass.

Mar 2 Passed to Rules Committee for second reading.
Mar 4 Placed on second reading by Rules Committee.
Mar 5 Rules suspended. Placed on Third Reading.

Third reading, passed; yeas, 96; nays, 0; absent, 1; excused, 0. (View Roll Calls)
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House Bill Analysis 2009
House Bill Report

Fiscal Note (Available)Get Fiscal Note

Hopefully, the “budget dust” in the fiscal note will not be the excuse that prevents Washington State from joining the growing list of states approving the compact.

The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children is an agreement that standardizes how states deal with record transfers, enrollment, graduation requirements, extra curricular activities as well as a host of other related issues. Virginia, which has the country’s second-largest military population, is the 12th state to sign the bill. To learn more about this legislation and funding follow this link.

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